Born in Milan, Andrea Riccardi di Gaudesi has been drawing as long as he can remember. Inspired by his father  in a love for nature and a propensity toward the art world, his passion has grown as an inseparable part of himself. From an early age he studied graphic arts at the Instituto d'Arte in Florence, graduating in 1986. He went on to specialize, under the direction of Leonardo Mattioli, in illustration at Il Bisonte, international school of graphic art.

Beginning his professional career as a scientific illustrator with Paolo Donati's studio ILLIBIL, Andrea then honed his craft as a freelance artist. Specialized in high quality, traditional, and realistic illustration, his portfolio grew to include work with some of the most renowned publishing houses in Italy and abroad. With 20 years of experience and a concentration in historical, scientific, and illustration naturalistic, Andrea has produced a considerable body of work that boasts publication in multiple books and magazines in addition to advertisement campaigns.

 A love of nature, as well as a fascination with historical reconstruction, inspire his luminous and colorful illustrations, and his style exhibits both carefully executed attention to realism and detail as well as the lightness of illustrated character. Through a use of liquid acrylic and a careful, delicate layering of color, his work recalls the pleasant softness of watercolour while at the same time, in a splendid marriage of the techniques, taking advantage of the vibrancy particular to acrylics.


His works include:


  • Dorling & Kindersley, London - Travel Guides - “Florence”, “Venice” and “Rome”
  • Orpheus Books, London - “The incredible Journey”
  •  Larousse Kingfisher, London - My Best Book of - “Creepy Crawlies”, I Wonder Why - “Snakes Shed Their Skin”, “Kangaroos have Pouches”
  • McGraw-Hill, New York“Architecture”
  • Giorgio Mondadori, Milan - I Maestri dell’Arte - “Michelangelo”, “Giotto”, “Leonardo da Vinci”, “Rembrandt”, and  “Gli Impressionisti”
  • Usborne Publishers, London - "The sword quest of Dinosaurs”
  • Blackbirch Press, New York - “Hunters and Prey”
  • McRae Books, Florence - Uncovering History  - “Ancient Egypt”, “The Romans”, “Medieval Europe”, “Vikings”, “Renaissance”, “Celts”, “Arabs”
  • McRae Books, Florence - The Great Cities series - “London”, “Paris”, “New York” e “Venice”
  • Casterman, Paris - “La Grande Encyclopédie du Moyen Age”


My works have also been published by:

Olimpia Vallechi Editore Florence, Bulgarini Florence, Hartcourt Orlando Usa, Caselli Edizioni Internazionali Florence, Arnoldo Mondadori Milan, UTET Turin, Zanichelli Boulogne, Hachette Paris, Klutz  New York USA, Peter Bedrick Books New York, Andrea Duè Editore Florence, De Agostini Verona, Giunti Florence, Asteria Multimedia Press Trento, La Biblioteca Florence.